22 juin, 2013

.: The White Buffalo :.

Hier soir, je regardais la télé d’un œil (l’autre été concentré sur mon ordi), quand j’ai été happée par une musique sortie de la série Sons of Anarchy. J’ai été tellement absorbée par cette musique que lorsque j’ai voulu dégainer mon portable pour la “shazamer” il était trop tard. J’ai passé un petit moment à essayer de la trouver sur internet. Le groupe s’appelle The White Buffalo (ça fait très cowboy, non ?) et la chanson The Whistler. Je vous laisse écouter, vous aimerez peut être autant que moi !

Yesterday night, i was watching tv while doing some stuff on my computer when i was absorbed by a song from the serie Sons of Anarchy. I loved it so much that when i wanted to use the Shazam app of my phone it was too late. I spend a little while on the internet to find out about this song. The group is The White Buffalo (real cowboy name !) and the song is The Whistler. I let you listen to it, maybe you’ll like it as much as i do !!!


This time is different

It’s not like the times before

I crossed my heart, that I won’t kill no more

Jesus watch over me, keep my anger at home

You better bless these wicked hands, because they got a mind of their own

Don’t go down town

Devil whispers in my ear, “It’s time for your curtain call”

So I dress myself on up with alcohol

Step aside, step aside – let the whistler through

There really ain’t no help at all for folks like me and you

Don’t go downtown, Don’t go downtown

Get your god damn hands out, don’t you look at me

No one’s dying here alone

Well I came to get it on

Let’s get it on

This time is different

Not like the time before

I crossed my heart, that I won’t kill no more

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