14 novembre, 2010

.: Right now :.

- Enjoy listening to my ipod on shuffle mode. Recently heard : Verdi, Bruce Springsteen, Ben Harper, Pink Floyd, Jean-Jacques Goldman.

- Just took out of the hoven a lemon pie.

- Getting prep’d to have lunch with my family.

- Took some aspirin to get rid of that headache hangover… last night was really great !!!

- I’m really pissed that my printer went down just when i needed it, after only 2 years of service. I definitely didn’t think i would need to replace it before a long time !

- Can’t wait to receive a package to finish a project i’m exited to share here on the blog. Here is a sneak peek :


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  1. I LOVE those fabrics, Alice! Can't wait to see what you are up to :)